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Our corporate attorneys represent clients in all matters related to entity formations and governance. This includes providing advice regarding the choice of organizational forms and structures, as well as preparation of all requisite initial and ongoing documentation. Choice of entity and adoption of appropriate governing documents can have significant implications for matters ranging from transferring ownership and resolving disputes among owners to limiting exposure to tax and judgment liability, and our attorneys work closely with our clients’ key stakeholders to ensure that they reach informed and strategic decisions.

Choice of Entity and Entity Formation

We assist clients with the selection and formation of entities available under the laws of New York, New Jersey, and other states. In addition to ensuring limited liability for the company’s owners, we help our clients assess factors including tax treatment, flexibility in structuring ownership rights, maintenance, and administrative costs, and complexity of the clients’ overall organizational structure. 

Our attorneys represent clients including entrepreneurs, real estate developers, financial institutions, large corporations, and other clients with respect to the formation of:

  • Corporations
  • General partnerships (GP)
  • Limited partnerships (LP)
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Limited liability limited partnerships (LLLP)
  • Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • Professional associations (PA)
  • Professional corporations (PC)
  • Not-for-profit entities
  • Other statutory and special-purpose entities

Partnership, Corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC) Documents

In addition to assisting clients with entity selection and formation, our attorneys draft governance documents that help further our clients’ objectives. In order to serve their respective purposes, each of these documents must be highly customized, and it must reflect the unique nature, goals, and risks of the client’s particular business endeavor. We advise our clients regarding the types of documentation that are necessary, and we maintain our clients’ corporate records on an ongoing basis to ensure that they remain compliant. 

We also draft and negotiate joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, and operating agreements to reflect the economic and voting rights of investors and entrepreneurs in various business endeavors.

Our services include (but are not limited to) preparation of:

  • By-laws
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Operating agreements 
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Voting trust agreements
  • Other governance documents