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Cullen and Dykman: One of New York State’s Oldest Law Firms, Serving Clients Since 1850.

Cullen and Dykman represents the best interests of its clients and contributes significantly toward the improvement of local communities and the quality of justice. We take this task seriously and have done so for well over a century. A law firm’s ability to survive and prosper well beyond the professional lives of its founders is a testament to a number of things. Why has the firm survived for so long? It is because our attorneys achieve tremendous success in working together to serve the immediate and long-term interests of our clients. That is the Cullen and Dykman way.

Founded (McCue, Hall and Cullen)

Alexander McCue, our founding partner, who later became a Judge, started practicing law in 1850 in the City of Brooklyn. Twenty years later, he joined two other distinguished Brooklyn lawyers to form the firm of McCue, Hall and Cullen. One of those partners, the Honorable Edgar M. Cullen, progressed through the New York judiciary to become the Chief Judge of the State.

Brooklyn Bridge

McCue was one of the incorporators of New York and Brooklyn Bridge Co., which was organized for the purpose of building a bridge between Brooklyn and New York. Edgar M. Cullen and later James G. Bergen and William N. Dykman were counsel.

William N. Dykman Joins the Firm

The name William N. Dykman appeared on the letterhead of McCue, Hall and Cullen as an associate.

Cullen Elected NY Supreme Court Justice

Cullen becomes a New York Supreme Court Justice in 1880. 

        “AN EXCELLENT NOMINATION. The Nomination of Col. Edgar M. Cullen as Justice of the Supreme Court for the Second Judicial District is recognized by all lawyers, irrespective of party, as one of the best judicial nominations which has ever been made.

        “Col. Cullen, although now a comparatively young man, has a large and varied experience. A graduate of Columbia College, he entered the Army at the outbreak of the rebellion, and participated in Corinth and others of the heaviest battles of the rebellion.”

Judge Edgar M. Cullen Rejoins the Firm (Cullen and Dykman)

Judge Edgar M. Cullen retired as Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals in 1914 and returned to practice law with his old firm, which changed its name to Cullen and Dykman. After 1915, the number of partners grew significantly, but the firm’s name remained the same.

Judge Edgar M. Cullen Passes Away

Founding partner, Judge Edgar M. Cullen, passes away at his home in Brooklyn. Upon hearing of his passing, Presiding Justice Abel E. Blackmar of the Appellate Division declared – “Judge Cullen left his imprint upon the body of the law, and his opinions, which enrich all legal literature, will long be cited as authorities. He wrote always with a view of preservation of individual liberty and property; and if all other legal papers were lost, our legal system could be reconstructed from his writings.”

William N. Dykman Passes Away

The senior member of Cullen and Dykman passes away at his home in Glen Cove, Long Island. Mr. Dykman provided advice and counsel to many of Brooklyn’s well-known businesses. At one point in his career, he was the president of the New York State Bar Association. He also provided notable public services, such as serving as members of the District Board of the City of New York as well as the Civil Service Commission of the City of New York under Mayors Van Wyck and Low.

New York City Office Established

One of the firm’s larger clients, the Brooklyn Trust Company, merged with the Manufacturers Trust Company. The firm opened a branch office in New York City shortly after the merger.

Preservation of Firm's History

Fred L. Space, the firm’s former Managing Clerk, came out of retirement to compile and preserve all of the firm’s records and history since 1850. The process required three large warehouse rooms.

Long Island Office Opened

Cullen and Dykman opened an office in Long Island in 1966 to better serve existing clients and to assist and participate in the region’s business growth. The firm, which had always been a leading law firm in Brooklyn with a major presence among leading firms in New York City, achieved a preeminent position in the profession on Long Island during this time.

Washington, D.C. Office Opened

The firm opened its Washington, D.C. office to better serve the utility and energy clients involved in federal regulatory matters.

Cullen and Dykman Merged with Bleakley Platt Remsen Millham & Curran

The firm merged with Bleakley Platt Remsen Millham & Curran, a firm with roots going back almost as far as Cullen and Dykman’s. The experience and exceptional capabilities of the attorneys and staff joining the firm as a result of the merger gave Cullen and Dykman the ability to offer full legal services to clients from the heart of New York City’s financial district.

Albany Office Opened

The firm opened an office in Albany to meet the growing demands for legal services in the state’s capital and throughout upstate New York.

Cullen and Dykman Expanded to New Jersey

New Jersey-based Sokol Behot joined Cullen and Dykman. The expansion adds offices in Hackensack, Newark and Princeton, New Jersey to complement the firm’s current offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

Present Day

Judge McCue’s small, one-partner office that opened eight years before Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debated, has grown and evolved into a leading regional law firm. The firm takes great pride in its achievements. But more importantly, it takes great satisfaction in the successes of its clients, both individual and corporate, over many decades of the firm’s existence. The firm and its partners have played major roles in business, in government and in the legal profession regionally and beyond. The firm continues to be dedicated to the interests of its clients, while maintaining major offices in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. Learn how Cullen and Dykman can assist you with your legal needs today. To learn more click here.