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With tax laws constantly changing and becoming more complex, having a team of experienced and creative tax lawyers is more critical than ever. The quality of tax advice that companies, business founders and individuals receive can mean the difference between huge tax savings and a huge tax burden. Whether it’s an investment, a purchase of a company, or the sale of a closely-held family business, the tax advice received in connection therewith can mean either success or failure.

Our Tax Department attorneys provide clients with innovative and practical tax solutions for their matters while learning the ins and outs of the clients’ needs and future goals. We are there to assist our clients with every step of their decision-making, from business formation and choice of entity, the tax aspects of transaction financing, to the choice of structure for the clients’ investment and exit transactions. We advise on all aspects of federal and state tax laws in transactions ranging from taxable and tax-free mergers and acquisitions and rollovers to spin-offs, reorganizations and restructurings. We also provide post-transaction counsel and planning, including with respect to the most common aspects of day-to-day business operations, to help our clients achieve the utmost success in meeting their long-term goals.

Our Tax Attorneys work closely with colleagues across the firm’s other practice areas to help our clients achieve their goals. For instance, we work with our Trusts and Estates Department to ensure smooth transitions between generations in all aspects of the estate planning and wealth transfer processes.

In addition, our expertise also extends to the representation of non-profit corporations and unexpected scenarios such as federal and state tax litigation, tax audits and tax settlements.

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