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The relationship established with clients often initiates well before the formation of a business entity. The founders will usually turn to us early on for guidance and assistance from us in matters of entity structure, governance, early stage financing, taxation and employment. Providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process, our team collaborates with business developers to navigate challenging discussions pertaining to ownership, control, exit rights and offers counseling on various fundraising options. Developing the most efficient and cost effective way possible to negotiate deals and draft agreements for our emerging company clients is a critical component to ensure their long term success.

Cullen and Dykman’s attorneys offer extensive experience and guidance in navigating diverse financing structures, such as convertible instruments, early series equity rounds and Regulation D offerings. Often, legal services encompass advising on securities law compliance, exploring instrument and investor options, drafting essential agreements, and managing SEC filings. Recognizing the distinct challenges encountered by emerging companies, our commitment lies in delivering personalized counsel tailored to assist our clients in achieving successful financing outcomes.

We also have experience representing venture capital firms, accelerators, incubators, private equity firms and high net worth individuals who invest in startups and emerging companies. Our deep understanding of the preferences early stage investors hold for target investments informs the manner in which we provide guidance to our startup and emerging company clients.

Representative Experience:

  • Acted as outside general counsel for multiple financial technology startups in all of their general corporate, capital raising and employment needs from formation and seed round financing to eventual sale to private equity firms
  • Acted as outside general counsel to a nationwide, U.S. based web, mobile application, search engine optimization and outsourcing company in all of its corporate and employment matters
  • Counseled various startups and their founders on the use of convertible notes in lieu of equity to raise startup capital
  • Represented a mobile application company in connection with a cross border Series Seed financing
  • Represented a mobile gaming company in Series Seed financing
  • Represented a robotics company in Series Seed financing
  • Represented an early stage medical device company in Series A financing to venture fund
  • Represented an interactive media technology company in Series Seed and Series A financings
  • Represented a number of angel investors and venture capital firms in early stage investments in various technology startups
  • Represented an early stage fashion eyewear company and its founders in recapitalization and offering of controlling stake to a European fashion centered private equity company