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The attorneys in our Construction Litigation department have a long history of representing clients in all phases of construction projects, from contract negotiations and financing transactions to management claims, arbitration, and litigation. In fact, the Brooklyn Bridge owes its famous profile to one of the firm's founding partners who chaired the group that selected John Roebling's world-renowned design.

The Construction Litigation department at Cullen and Dykman is a “full-service” construction group under any interpretation of the phrase “full-service”. We handle all aspects of large-scale construction projects with ease, from front-end contract drafting and planning to litigation involving construction delay and defect claims, personal injury and professional liability matters, breach of contract, and bankruptcies and reorganizations. We staff all construction and coverage disputes with a streamlined team based on case need with oversight from our experienced team of partners who each have well over 30 years of experience in high-stakes construction planning and litigation. We are efficient problem solvers first and foremost. No matter what the issue may be, there is a focused, mindful solution waiting for each of our clients.

Extensive Knowledge Backed by Decades of Experience in Well-Known Construction Projects

Our Construction Litigation department offers complete working knowledge of the fundamentals of construction law and litigation. Our attorneys remain current with new developments in the law, and we provide adept representation for complex matters ranging from multiple prime contracting to architects’ and construction managers’ liability. We also offer deep experience in matters involving sureties’ liability for consequential damages, lender liability, insurance coverage disputes, and delays and disruptions in construction projects.

Our Construction Litigation department is comprised of dedicated teams of attorneys focused in the areas of:

  • Labor Law
  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Large Exposure, Catastrophe and Event Response
  • Insurance Coverage and Risk Transfer
  • Professional Liability

The Construction Litigation department is headquartered in New York City and serves clients across the country. Collectively, the partners in the Construction Litigation department have over 150 years of collective experience, and they have taken over 250 trials to verdict. We provide skilled and strategic representation whenever the need arises, and our broad experience allows us to offer our clients detailed guidance and deep insights for efficiently and successfully resolving complex construction issues.

Strategic Representation, Client Focus and Proven Results

The Labor Law team is one of the largest dedicated teams in New York with an impressive client list cultivated over decades of providing daily proven results. The Construction Defect, Professional Liability and Product Liability teams utilize their member attorneys’ vast technical and industry knowledge along with dedicated teams of experts to simplify the most complex of disputes. As our clients’ disputes advance to arbitration or litigation, we also frequently engage outside claims consultants to assist in the development of comprehensive factual and analytical presentations on matters including scheduling delays, labor inefficiency, the effects of design deficiencies and damages calculations. The Insurance Coverage and Risk Transfer team has saved $20 million in indemnity payments and $5 million in defense costs over the past five years alone.