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The attorneys in our Appellate Litigation department represent clients in state and federal appeals in New York, New Jersey and other jurisdictions around the country. Whether our firm represented you at the trial level or you are seeking new legal representation for your appeal, our experienced appellate litigation attorneys can represent you in pursuing an appeal or seeking to uphold a trial judgment in your favor.

Skilled Appellate Litigation Attorneys for State and Federal Appeals

Our attorneys guide clients the often-complex rules of appellate practice before the state and federal courts. Whether an appeal is from a motion or a judgment issued after trial, we will review the findings of fact and conclusions of law, consider the evidentiary rulings and procedural issues that might give rise to a successful appeal, and provide you with a thorough evaluation of potential outcomes. We will then conduct thorough research so that we know not only the case law and statutes that support your position but equally important, the authorities upon which opposing counsel is likely to rely. We will then scour the record to make sure it accurately reflects what took place in the lower court and does not contain extraneous material. Next, our appellate litigation attorneys will draft and hone your appellate brief until it presents what we believe to be the strongest arguments possible; and, when it is time to present oral arguments in court, our attorneys will do so professionally and persuasively.