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Our bankruptcy litigation attorneys combine experience, thoughtful strategy and a client-focused approach in order to successfully represent clients in bankruptcy courts across the country. Our practice consists of representing clients in all types of bankruptcy-related litigation proceedings, including:

  • Avoidance proceedings
  • Preference Actions
  • Fraudulent transfer claims
  • Actions to determine the validity or extent of liens
  • Actions to turn over property
  • Involuntary bankruptcy petitions
  • Violation-of-stay and violation-of-discharge-injunction proceedings
  • Contract disputes
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Equitable subordination actions
  • Director and officer claims
  • All other types of adversary actions

Construction Bankruptcy Litigation

Part of our role as debtor's counsel in construction bankruptcy cases is the pursuit of claims against other contractors and property owners. We have substantial experience and a history of successful results litigating breach-of-contract and delay claims in bankruptcy proceedings and using Sections 541 and 542 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to facilitate the turnover of retainage, approved change orders, and contract balances due and owing as property of the bankruptcy estate.


In our collections practice, we focus on ensuring maximum recovery for creditors ranging from large financial institutions to individual clients. Our attorneys employ a variety of tools in the rigorous representation of our clients, including pre-litigation demands and negotiation, restructuring of debts, litigation, and judgment enforcement. We work closely with our clients to craft strategies that are tailored to the type of debt, the location and type of the debtor's assets, and the various other unique facts and circumstances involved. Our experience includes helping clients secure payment for:

  • Commercial Debts
  • Unpaid Balances
  • Defaulted loans
  • Breached contracts
  • Judgments