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Michael B. Weiss to Speak at Brooklyn Law School’s Ninth Annual Business Boot Camp

January 11, 2023

Michael Weiss, an associate in the firm’s Commercial Litigation department, will be speaking at Brooklyn Law School’s Ninth Annual Business Boot Camp on January 12, 2023. Michael will be joining other alumni to present to students on how possessing an understanding of business principles is critical to one’s effectiveness as a lawyer representing business clients.  Michael is an alumnus of Brooklyn Law School and participated in the Business Boot Camp program as a law student.     

Program Description:

The classic law school experience is designed to teach you to "think like a lawyer." That is an essential skill, but there are also times when practicing lawyers need to reach outside that traditional legal toolkit and "think like a businessperson" as well as a like a lawyer. There are certain issues that confront all business professionals, including how to develop a business plan, how to keep track of money, how to value assets, how to raise the capital necessary to run their companies, and how to meet their business goals while also complying with the law. The goal of the BLS Business Boot Camp is to introduce students to these issues from the businessperson's perspective, and provide students with the vocabulary and framework they will need to communicate effectively with clients and evaluate their needs. The Business Boot Camp is being taught by a team of business and finance professionals from Deloitte Financial Advisory Services in collaboration with BLS faculty and alumni. 

The four-day Business Boot Camp is taught by a team of business and finance professionals from Deloitte Financial Advisory Services along with BLS faculty and alumni. The curriculum is based in part on an intensive course that Deloitte developed for first-year associates. It includes the following topics:

  • Development of business plans
  • Choosing the right business form
  • Financing the business – types and sources of lenders and investors
  • Advising small (and growing) businesses
  • Valuation
  • Accounting basics, the art of reading financial statements skeptically, and an introduction to how lawyers and accountants work together
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

About Cullen and Dykman’s Commercial Litigation Department 

Cullen and Dykman is a leading commercial litigation firm serving clients throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and nationwide. Few firms of our size offer the same breadth and depth of experience in commercial litigation, and we have distinguished our practice by emphasizing client-first representation focused on achieving efficient, practical and cost-effective resolutions to complex commercial disputes.

About Cullen and Dykman

Cullen and Dykman ( has been providing legal services to institutional clients since 1850. The firm represents a wide range of clients, including banks and other financial institutions, energy, telecommunications and water companies, construction companies, insurers, educational institutions, religious organizations, and not-for-profits. With over 190 attorneys in seven offices located throughout the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions, Cullen and Dykman is strategically positioned to meet the changing needs and demands of our clients.

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