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Nicholas Cardascia Successfully Obtained Summary Judgment Dismissing Plaintiff’s Complaint Against the Firm’s Client

September 26, 2023

Nicholas Cardascia, a partner in the firm’s General Liability, Tort, and Insurance Defense Department, successfully obtained summary judgment dismissing the plaintiff’s complaint against the firm’s client, a property owner, in a personal-injury case predicated on violations of the Labor Law.  

The plaintiff, an assistant manager of a retail clothing store, alleged that he injured his knee and subsequently developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. At the time of the incident, plaintiff was working in a basement storage room, moving inventory from a conveyor ramp and onto shelving. As he walked over to the shelving, his foot caught on electrical wires laid across the floor by contractors who were still working on the renovation of the store in advance of the store opening. Plaintiff alleged that the defendants were liable under Labor Law sections 240(1), 241(6), and 200.

The Court agreed with Cullen and Dykman’s arguments that plaintiff was not a covered worker entitled to the protections of Labor Law sections 240(1) and 241(6) and dismissed those causes of action. Continuing, the Court agreed that Cullen and Dykman’s client was entitled to dismissal of plaintiff’s remaining claims based on common-law negligence and Labor Law section 200 because the client was an out-of-possession owner, plaintiff was not injured due to a significant structural or design defect, the client did not have a duty to inspect for the conditions that caused plaintiff’s accident, and because the client had no supervision or control over the work performed by plaintiff or by the contractors on site.

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