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As a property owner, you are continually seeking to reduce costs associated with owning or managing your assets. Property taxes represent a significant expense, and paying too much in property taxes can reduce your bottom line while also negatively impacting your ability to lease or sell your holdings in the future. In many municipalities, property tax revenues account for the largest portion of a local budget, and a property tax payer’s failure to protect their rights can lead to over-assessed valuations and significant tax liability. 

Highly-Experienced Attorneys for Property Tax Challenges in New York and New Jersey

Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with property valuation issues and ad valorem tax challenges on behalf of clients throughout New York and New Jersey. We have a well-established tradition of aggressively pursuing assessment reductions and working closely with our clients to maximize the benefits available under state and local laws and regulations. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in assessment challenges before the New York State Board of Real Property Tax Services, the New York City Tax Commission, the Nassau County Assessment Review Commission (“ARC”), local boards of assessment review, courts throughout New York and the Tax Court of New Jersey.

Full-Service Legal Representation for Complex Property Tax Challenges

We represent a variety of industrial and commercial clients, including several major banking institutions; a national shipping and distribution company; telecommunication companies; a retail gas station chain; and the owners of natural gas and electric transmission and distribution property, electric generating stations, water distribution systems, petroleum terminals, hotels, large warehouses, multi-unit office buildings, retail stores, and other properties throughout New York and New Jersey. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of property owners reduce their property tax liability. We also provide services including:

  • Advising on and pursuing property tax incentives, exemptions and abatements for commercial, industrial and not-for-profit clients;
  • Negotiating with municipal officials to arrive at equitable assessments on both newly constructed and existing properties; 
  • Researching and drafting legislation; and,
  • Preparing, filing and litigating administrative complaints and judicial petitions. 

In order to provide optimal value to our clients, our attorneys actively monitor and participate in legislative and administrative matters affecting the taxation of real property in New York and New Jersey. We utilize various online services to access municipal records and maintain current sales and financial information in various municipalities; and, with offices in New York City, Uniondale, and Albany, New York, as well as Newark, Hackensack, and Princeton, New Jersey, we are strategically situated to efficiently serve clients with properties throughout the region.