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Update on Property Tax Exemption Renewals for Not-For-Profit and Religious Organizations

December 1, 2022

If you run or work for a not-for-profit organization or religious corporation that owns real property in New York City and Nassau County, you are most likely receiving a property tax exemption benefit that exempts a parcel or parcels of real property from paying property taxes to the municipality. Please be aware that a deadline is approaching in both jurisdictions to file annual renewal applications for those properties currently subject to a not-for-profit property tax exemption.

For property owners in New York City, the renewals can be filed electronically through the Department of Finance website: Click Here to View

The deadline to file for properties in New York City is January 5, 2023.

For property owners in Nassau County, the renewal forms must be filed with the Nassau County Board of Assessors. The deadline to file in Nassau County is January 2, 2023. Some properties may also be located in an assessing village and will need to file renewal forms to maintain the exemption benefit from the village. These can have different filing deadlines so please make sure to check with the specific village for details.

Failure to timely file a renewal form can result in the exemption being rescinded for the tax year and a significant tax liability being levied on the property.

Additionally, if your not-for-profit organization recently acquired real property, it may be eligible to receive this property tax exemption as well. Please make sure to submit a real property tax exemption application by these same deadlines to ensure your new property can also qualify for  this significant benefit.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please contact Michael Hrankiwskyj at (516) 357-3886 and or Suzanne Melnyk Tripp at (212) 510-2265 and

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