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Property Tax Update

January 19, 2021

If you own or occupy commercial or multi-family residential property in Nassau County or New York City, now is the time to seek relief on your property’s tax liability.  Property taxes represents one of the largest expenses of owning or occupying a property.  This expense is even more critical in today’s economic environment as many property owners and taxpayers are struggling economically with the current pandemic. As municipalities look to generate revenue, now is the time to ensure your rights are protected as failure to timely file an appeal can lead to an excessive property tax burden with no opportunity to remedy the issue.

Nassau County Department of Assessment

Earlier this month the Nassau County Department of Assessment published its 2022/23 tentative assessment roll. The assessments on these rolls will be used to determine a property’s school tax liability and general county and town tax liability.  The Nassau County assessment roll information can be found here:

New York City Department of Finance

The New York City Department of Finance published its 2021/22 tentative assessment roll on January 15th. New York City’s assessment roll information can be found here:

Property owners and taxpayers must file an appeal by March 1st in the respective jurisdiction in order to seek property tax relief. The Firm achieves significant benefits for our clients annually for all types of properties such as retail properties, office buildings, warehouses, mixed-use properties, and apartment buildings.

For more information to discuss your options and how we can best protect your interests, please contact Michael Hrankiwskyj at (516) 357-3886 or via email at, Robert Sorge at (516) 357-3783 or via email at or Karen Levin at (516) 296-9110 or via email at

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