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Brian J. Donnelly to Present Webinar for the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

September 17, 2020

Brian J. Donnelly, a partner in the Firm’s General, Tort and Insurance Litigation Department, will be presenting a webinar for the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. The session is titled "Tripped Up! Demolishing the Plaintiff’s Case-Accident Video as a Lethal Weapon" and will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at 12:00 PM EDT. Brian will be discussing techniques to use on the video evidence of a slip and fall accident at trial and mediation.

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Jurors appreciate, and often expect, visual evidence of a slip and fall accident. In this era of heightened juror expectations, the defense bar needs to show juries not only that the incident was captured on video, but that it is actually favorable to the defense. Videos can be provided to an engineer to conduct a frame-by-frame analysis with time stamps showing the sequence of events. We can establish many things with this, such as the plaintiff’s inattention to their surroundings, how many times she had walked over the area before the accident, whether she looked down at the floor, and whether store employees and other customers passed through the area without any problems. The video could also contain post-accident evidence that is useful to the defense. This technique can be used at trial and mediation.

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